When she is still angry and bitter even when she says it is over...why?

She says I have to accept it - I do, yet she had no reason to call today but does so telling me she has invested in the last 12 months and blames me for the breakdown - I don't want to split and she says she has been closing down for a few weeks. She seems so bitter...


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  • awww she could be depressed or broken in a way has something major happened recently family wise or with friends or with you guys most likely she's probably hurt about something that still there's always marriage counseling but sounds to me like she the one with the problem she's probably stubborn like me and thats not a good thing to be like in a way its bad to be stubborn you miss out on life and enjoying it i get that way because of family issues and by being nice and doing the right thing to people that treat me like crap and im just insecure and dislike myself but the reason why im saying this is because maybe she's feeling something like that the best thing to do is to talk to her or get her mind off of these things maybe doing things that makes her happy or taking her to places that makes her happy or a vacation may help both of you guys or a couple retreat u guys need to communicate in person and figure out if this argument is worth losing a long relationship over try not to argue with her but you need to be by her and with her during this because you not being there or communicating is just going to make her more down and angry and bitter all girls want a guy to be there threw the ups and downs


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  • She doesn't take relationships seriously, or is lazy and inexperienced when it comes to them.

    She tells you she has been 'closing down for weeks' AFTER the breakup which you do not want? Has it ever occurred to her that during those 12 months she says she invested in may have been the best time to have a conversation about her issues? This is a common female problem, either she's giving a BS excuse so she can leave you for another guy she's already interested in, or she's just a moron and you're better off without her.


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