Why does my ex girlfriend is always trying to make me jealous?

My ex girlfriend has been trying to get me jealous and does stuff that she knows make me jealous wich i do by the way but i act cool like it dosent bother me why is she doing that?


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  • I personally would follow the no contact rule. I think she still has feelings 4 you and is doing stuff to get your attention. try and spend as little time as possible around her. if you have the same friends only hangout with them when she isn't around. if they are your real friends they will understand. in the mean time continue to act like you don't care.


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  • sounds like she's not over you. if she's spending extra energy on trying to get your attention. talk to her.

    • But she said she she never wanted anything with me ever again that all she could be was friends and i have tried talking to her but she dosent wanna talk

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    • I say she's not over me we were together for 2 years and i was her first guy she was intimate with also we bearly broke up like 2 weeks ago

    • yeah she's not over you, plus you may have no idea whats going on on the inside, what she's thinking, whats going on in her personal life I mean. So ask her to coffee, and talk it out. Good luck!

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