My ex wants me back but is still active on online dating sites?

My ex said he loves everything about me. He can tell me anything, we get along great, etc. He mentioned we could adopt children!
He said he was insecure with me and would analyze why is she with me? She can have anyone she wants. He told me to let him know when I want to go out and we can spend some time together.
SOOO, after this conversation he is online on a dating site...
WTF? Am I overreacting?
We have been broken up over 3 months but kept in touch


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  • No, you're not over reacting. I would talk to him about this for sure and give him an ultimatum. I mean seriously, how blunt does someone have to be to realize you can't profess your love to someone and then be on a dating site. I mean come on! Anyway, his actions says something completely different than what he is saying. If he continues on a dating site, I wouldn't take anything he said seriously.


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  • Well kinda if it bothers you much why don't you say something


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