How do I get over him when I keep seeing him?

The title is the question. I know of all the usual stuff: spend time with friends, date other guys, indulge in hobbies, keep yourself busy, etc.

I've done all of these, but as soon as I start to feel alright I see him again and fall back into misery. We go to the same college, we attend some of the same parties, live in the same small town... it's impossible to avoid him. And whenever I see him I am reminded of what we once had.

How do I get over someone who is constantly there to remind me of what I lost?


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  • Well i guess it makes it harder for you realizing that he wasn't that much into you and he has moved on so quick, while you still hope he somehow turns back.
    Stop thinking he will turn back, that is highly unlikely. You were just a girl for him, not "the girl". You, like everyone else that gets in a relationship, got used to the attention he gave you. Now you have to get used to the idea that you aren't his centre of attention anymore.
    To be honest i had a bad episode with a girl. I didn't unfriend her from Facebook and saw everything about her life. I met her a few times, afterwards and it actually helped me. Just passed by eachother and said hi, nothing more. It happened about 4 times. So like BackAgain said, it's time to realize nobody's perfect and this guy has major flaws. Don't befriend bc it will hurt seeing him hit on other girls and flirting with them. Don't spend time with him. The fact that you two accidentally bump into eachother or cross paths, no biggie, i think it will help on the long run.


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  • distractions don't/won't cut it in the end!
    if it's over...then commit to it being over!

    ...if you are haunted by feelings whenever/wherever you see him, then you aren't truly over him. you two need to talk.

    • I know I'm not over him, that's the problem...

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    • Yes I know all that, but how does it help me?

    • it may or may not.

      TIME is the answer, and it can be great or suck all to hell!
      Developing new places and habits will help as well as focused meditation. Replacing old with new will not help... because it won't be real

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  • I've been through the exact same thing. Do not run away from what you feel. The fact that you seem is better than not seeing him at all. Most people think that when you run away from someone and you do not see them for a long time your feeling change, but they don't. So when you see them everything comes back and you end up getting hurt all over again. The best solution is to face them, act as if you do not care and remind yourself that you are worth better. Remind yourself every time you see why you guys broke up and why things didn't work out the first time. Move on and in order to do so you got to convince yourself that you are better off without him. Having him around at first might be hard but with time it will get easier and you will be able to forget him.

  • Maybe befriend him so you can see his faults and get over him


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