Getting mixed signals please help?

My ex and I have started talking again for about a month, he has told me he still likes me but then acts distant and says things are not the same and he feels silly. He sometimes looks at my msgs and doesn't answer and its hurtful... If i try bring it up he gets mad and says I dont think he's good enough... I asked do you want to talk to me still he said yes... mixed signals please help Does he like me really? what is his deal?


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  • he dont know what he wants, maybe he's still playing games

  • He is trying to be nice and keep things on reasonable social terms with you but doesn't want to answer to you like when you where married, the key word is "EX" . If you can leave a relationship as friends that's great , but if it didn't work before for some reason it just did not work and you should probably move on


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