Help! What does my ex boyfriend want from me?

Me and my ex had quite a bad breakup, I hurt him a lot which followed by 5 months of total silence from him. I was blocked on fb etc. Eventually he said he was ready to forgive me and that we could try and be friends again. It didn't quite work as we still had that sexual chemistry between us and I could tell that he wanted to make a move but was too scared of me becoming attached again. My ex would talk to me and snapchat and then suddenly would stop for a month but then eventually start again. Now he is on 6 month holiday with his friends and I am the only girl he snapchats on occasional basis. I dont understand him, is he genuinely wants to be friends or he is still interested?
I know "snapchat" is not a big deal but he is obsessed with it and uses it a lot. He is on his gap year and barely uses it atm as he is travelling a lot ( busy) However, I am one of those few who he always talks to and sends photos. Isn't it weird?


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  • He may really want to be friends, its hard to say. What hapened to hurt him so badly if I may ask?

    • I've lost a father a month before I started dating him and I was quite emotionally unstable, he got really tired at me getting angry at him for no apparent reason etc. and asked for a break. During the break his best friend had a party (my ex didn't go) where I had too much to drink and ended up having sex with his best friend.

    • I'm sorry to hear about your father, I can imagine that must have been a tough time for you. Having sex with his best friend probably devastated him more than he even confessed to you, that may be why he is saying that he never loved you. He is probably just letting the pain of the event tarnish his memory of your entire relationship. You should not feel stupid just because he said he never loved you. Even if that is true it is more a poor reflection on him more than it is on you.

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