What do you think this dream might mean? Exboyfriend and a baby?

Anyway, i still have feelings for my ex. IN no way is he a bad guy, and i am hopeful that we will have another chance in the future. Its hard to remember most of the dream, but i remember that i was holding a BABY that was mine and he was the father. I was holding the baby trying to put it down, and it continued to cling to me. I was telling the baby i was going to give it a bath, and i continued to hold it. I felt so much love for it.

The thing is, I have never wanted children...ever. I woke up still feeling that babies hug. Anyway, I know dreams are not literal, and sometimes symbolic...so what do you think it might mean? I have no clue.


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  • In the near? future you will get married to a wonderful guy equal/better than the ex, who will stick around and then you'll have that baby, perhaps not remember this dream.


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