Would a guy set up a date just to break up with a woman?

Would a guy ask a woman out only to break up with her during the date? Or, another scenario, would he tell her he wants to be "just friends" during the date?

Do guys prefer to break up or do the "just friends" thing via text or phone call?

Does it depend on how long they have been dating and if they have been exclusive?
OK, I admit it. This is about me. For some reason I need to brace myself for the worst. This guy and I had a bit of a rough patch recently. Whatever happens, I'll handle it, but I'm someone who likes to be prepared. I know, I need help. :/


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  • Long term relationships kinda have to end in person. If you're at a public place, you can't melt down and go nuts - it's safer in a way.


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  • I don't know any scenario where that seems like a fun conversation, a dinner date surely doesn't seem fitting though. Where would I run?

    I've had to do that once (I only count the ones I've dated for over a year), wasn't really a shocker -we both knew it was inevitable, got stale and grew apart. But I was a bit immature about it, I just started doing everything she deemed I shouldn't and VOILA relationship over.. lol.
    Gee maybe thats why it doesn't work sometimes.

    The other times I don't really know, whats dating?
    I just stopped calling them, think they got the point.


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  • Oh my gosh, I'm wondering the same. Been dating for like 2 months and I kinda want to text him and let him know I don't mind being broken up with over text and I'll be happy to send his stuff to him. I think we might have issues with communication. I hope more guys enlighten us as to how they break up with their "girlfriend."

  • I never heard of that, but its just a date, unless he calls and asks for more dates in the future, then you might have a chance. To me, dates are just dates.


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