Is it bad to keep coming back for sex with my old gf from HS?

Well we've been now friends for a long time; even when we were with other people. We just didn't do anything beyond flirting and talking out of respect for our relationships.

Now that I just had a break-up and she's single too, we sometimes have sex. She has already expressed only wanting a friends with benefits type relationship and well ok. This is my ex gf Cindy from the time I was a 15 year-old HS sophomore. We lasted all the way till near our graduation and then broke up (well she did).

I don't mean to sound like a jerk but somehow with her it's the best sex ever with. I felt like a teen again. Even when I was in my other relationship (the most recent ones), sometimes I would fantasize about doing it with Cindy.
I think even if I were to get married to obviously someone else, I would still at times fantasize about her. I think of Cindy as the best sex partner.
I feel like a 15 year-old again, all the way back to the start. How it all started for me.


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  • I think you're thinking about it more than she is and if you want to get over it then you should just stop. I guess fantasising isn't a big deal however you don't want that to affect your future relationships so I still think you should stop.

    • I've been trying to get rid of that fantasy for years and even tried thinking about other things or my current gfs when having sex with them but no use. It's like feeling that none of them can give me what she did. It's a one time event and never repeats itself again.

      I starting to feel this is like a curse, that I'm stuck thinking about the same woman for years.

    • It can go either way, you keep doing what you two are and get it out of your system (which I highly doubt) or you stop earlier so you can get over it earlier. Maybe you should pursue more women, I'm sure you'll find a match. :)

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  • Take advantage of it while you can. I don't like my current girlfriend and always think about my past one during sex because she is better.

    • I know. I'm taking advantage of it. After all she was my love at the time. The one that gave me experience.

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    • Uhhh in my experience my girl was the no years later it's not happening.

      Maybe it will be different for you.

    • Hopefully. Those times I was with her (even if they were brief), I was back in time to 2002 again. Basically everything happening at once, your best being your first everything.

      I think I might as well accept she'll always have a place for me, that no other woman can have. I think I wouldn't be dealing with this if I would have done it on a ONS with a hooker instead.

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