Ex boyfriend strung me along just to find someone new, I'm having trouble moving on, how can I stay strong?

We were together for 3 years, after our breakup, he made me believe that if I held out hope that we can perhaps work things out, 6months passed of an emotional roller coaster of him telling me he still loved me and maintained constant contact, I stayed strong with 10 days of NC and then he met someone new


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  • ignore him. You can do so much better!


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  • Ugh...he just wasn't for you , but he was a coward for stringing you along. All you can do at this point is put focus back on yourself and work on healing from the situation. These things happen to teach us something and make us stronger...believe it or not. If this didn't happen, you wouldn't know your boundaries with future partners you will encounter. So, it will take time to move forward from this, but you will love again. And thats what you have to remember at the end of the day.


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