Why does my ex want to hang out all of a sudden?

About 1 week ago i saw some of my ex's friends at the gym they dint know about the break up apperently because they asked me for her i told them she was at her house
Then all of a sudden my ex tells me she wants to hang out and go to the gym but then she's like no but its wrong if we go together and all that but at last she told me she did wanna go why is that? im confused
By the way we were together for 2 years and broke up about 3 weeks ago oh and i do want her back


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  • dude i'm partially confused by your question on a whole but my take on the situation is that your girl's friends probably told her that they saw you and since you're broken up that makes you free territory but she's not ready for that so she still wants to hang around a bit before she can really make up her mind about what she wants...in short...jealousy...and selfishness...have fun with that

    • and i mean have fun in a sarcastic tone

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    • When you were together she had no reason really to be jealous because she had you for sure...but things are different now that you've broken up. and that's also what say to your ex until you figure out what you really want from them (once it was amicable at least) But i dont know your girl and i can only assume...if you say she's not the jealous type well...who knows better than you?

    • Well yea true she dosent know what she wants or wants to find out why im with her or was with her..

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