Ex boyfriend coming over today to talk. Need advice?

My ex boyfriend and I broke up in Sept. and we have stayed in contact minimally, just a hey how are you every couple of months or so. Recently, he called me drunk and was texting me saying he missed me. I do miss him and our relationship did not end because of anything super negative so I could see myself w him again. So I would give him another chance but obviously not so easily because he does have some making up to do and he needs to prove some things to me first. So how to I basically tell him that there is a possibility of us getting back together without letting him off the hook or giving in too easily?


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  • You won't change guys
    They might change themselves to please you, so long as there's no rules
    Therefore, for this to work, you'll have to first endure all those past burrs he puts under your saddle until he can figure out for himself, he's better than that, is motivated to please, not irritate his love and you can gently/silently remove treats when he's bad, give when good.

    So if all you say is OK - to let's get back together - figure out if he's trainable with only gentle, silent tugs.

  • People can change given there is a strong connection - but it is something that takes a very long time and the will of either partner to compromise a lot.

    If you are serious about it, give it a second chance upon the condition that you get a counselor for the issues. Your idea of "giving him a second chance" sounds like you only blame him for the first try failing - that's a very, very bad basis for another try. Even if the "final straw" was his for whatever reason, both of you contributed to its failure.

    If you just want to try again without really solving the issues (his and yours), it will certainly fail again.


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