what to do when you can't get over an ex / bad experience with girl?

I meet this girl last year or that's when we sort of like dated and got to know each other better and I really fell for her. but things feel apart later on that year and I've been upset about it ever since and never really got over her. it was a really bad experience and everything that could go wrong went wrong in final month I was close to her. so I don't think she had much interest in having anything to do with me after that. I've only even talked to her and seen her in person once since last fall. so its not like I'm seeing her on a regular basis or being reminded of her.

anyways I seem to be having a really hard time getting over her and haven't been in a serious relationship since but have been trying to meet new people but feel I'm more on the rebound and just looking for any half descent girl who'd date me at this point


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  • My friend was in your position and he ended up killing himself over it. It's a horrible thing to have someone break up with you and it takes a long time to get over and takes a huge emotional toll on people. But, he couldn't ever shake it and ended his life as a result of it in order to be pain free. The girl who caused this could care less that he is gone, but everyone who loved him and were his friends are completely broken over it. So whatever you do, just don't do anything irrational please.

    • I tried to make some positive changes after this happened like getting some new clothes , found a new job , joined a gym that kind of stuff as I realised there was some room for improvement if I was to be successful with these girls , but agree she didn't really care I had done any of this stuff to improve self

    • Time heals all wounds my man.

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  • Remind yourself that you had a great life before meeting this girl, and all the things that made your life that way are still there. Being with someone can't be the one thing that makes you happy. I've been in relationships (both dating and long-term) where I was angry and devastated when then ended. Eventually I realized they weren't right for a reason. It may be hard for you to understand this at the moment, but the same is true for you. I'm sure you've grown from your experiences in this last relationship, and it'll be even better with the next one. Allow yourself time to be upset, but keep your head up and know you things WILL get better!

    • actually some aspects are better now than when I first meet her oddly enough. I have a ft time job now and didn't have one then. my pt online sales business is also selling a lot more stuff on ebay then when I meet her when she was working at store/post office in town. I have a lot more $ than a year ago. I also feel I have a bit better idea what I'm looking for in a future gf / relationship than before. I also haven't been to the bar where we used to go and a lot of the bad things happened since this all took place , it closed so that helped me move on a bit.

    • That's great! You should be really proud of yourself for all of that. And I promise, when you're least looking for it something will come along. That's how it's always happened for me. Good luck!

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