Any stories on how you got your ex back?

I'm interested in only stories how they got there ex back even when their ex said they lost love


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  • It's not often it happens, I'm going to warn you now, and the stories here are very rare and not likely to happen.

    You won't get him back until you're not trying to.

    I don't mean that you have to play hard to get, that's the very opposite. What I mean is that until you're fixing things for yourself and you accept that it's over and that you need to move on- only then can new romance form.

    My boyfriend and I broke up about two years ago. I was a really negative person and he was really distant and didn't know how to be in a serious relationship.

    We didn't talk the entire summer. Not even a single text. I worked my ass off to become the happy, bubbly person I used to be. It was more difficult than I could every even hope to tell you. And there came a point that I realized I was still doing it for him. And that doing it for him was the whole problem. If you do anything for THAT PERSON and not for yourself then it's not real. You need to be a better person for you. You need to improve because you aren't happy and it has to be completely independent of him.

    Four months later we were back at uni together and started a shaky friendship. He told me he didn't love me and never would again and I accepted it and moved on. Then, over the course of the next six months we just kept growing closer and we realized, at some point, that we weren't acting like friends. So we took the next summer apart again to assess our feelings and when I got back from my job we decided to give it another go. It's been about a year now and things are better than ever.

    We both became better people because we weren't happy with who we were, not because of each other. We both fully got over each other and so, when the feelings came back, we knew they were real, not just left over.

    It took a year and change for us to get together again and neither of us thought it would happen most of that time. Don't get your hopes up, sounds mean but it's true.


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