Why is my ex-girlfriend/best friend acting like this towards me?

I dated my best friend last summer and we broke up because of long distance internships. She also told me that she didn't want a boyfriend at the time because we would be starting new periods of our life after we graduate college (since we are both seniors). When we got back to school we still hooked up and she still liked me through the winter. This past February I messed up and said something to her friend when I was drunk and she didn't want to be friends with me anymore. For the whole month of February and half of March she ignored me and paid little attention to me. We still saw each other all the time because we have all our classes and group projects together. However, this past month she has gotten real close to me again, but it is obvious just as friends. She now texts this guy all the time and he texts her late at night all the time. She never told me about him but I see his name come up on her phone when she is sitting next to me. She always faces her phone the other way to text when this happens or covers it up so I won't see it. If she is interested in this guy which it appears obvious to me, why would she hide it from me? and why would she get into a relationship if she told me she didn't want one in the past? My guess is it could be a rebound or she doesn't want to hurt my feelings? I was her most favorite person before things went bad between us. Thank you for reading.


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  • Women want their cake and eat it to. She doesn't want to give up the affection you feel for her, but she doesn't want to completely give up her other options as well.

    You may have hurt her by whatever you said to her friend by making her feel like she wasn't the only one you wanted (I'm assuming).

    She doesn't want to hurt your feelings by letting you know that she's chatting up some other guy because she wants to hold on to that affection you have. And what if this other guy doesn't work out? She can fall back on you... right?

    These are all things you should consider. You need to make it more clear where you stand as far as if you're happy being just friends and would be OK with her having a different boyfriend or if it would completely destroy your relationship with her because you have romantic feelings that won't go away.


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