Is there a chance were going to get back together?

My boyfriend of 5 months just broke up with me over text. He said "I really like you, but I see us more as friends." I felt like we were getting kind of distant, but I didn't think much of it. I just saw him earlier and he gave me a hug and smiled and said "I'll take to you bitches later." He always jokes like that. After that he texted me and along with the first part said that "I think we should take a break. And see how that works." He said "I think it's what's best for now." I don't really know how I feel either. I like him, and I feel sick like i'm going to throw up, but i'm not really as upset as I usually get. He said that he still likes me a lot, but was he just saying that to get out of the conversation quicker, or did he really mean it? Is there a chance that we'll get back together? Is so, how can I do that? I was supposed to go over to his house to help his mom with a cake but I don't know if I should go now.
Instead of take, "I'll talk to you bitches later."


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  • You should leave him and never look back at him again..! Why?
    Our generation is lazy, and not to mention lost.Break up over a text?
    How immature this is.
    You know now a days , adults do this also often as much as teens, they are afraid to face their problems and it's easier to do it over should respect the other enough to break up in person.


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  • Although I don't care for the "message in a bottle" way he broke it off with you, it appears he Still wants you in his life, but just as a friend for now. He obviously isn't ready for the Big "C", which is Commitment. Many toms today aren't.
    And by him saying, through another push button: "we should take a break," tells me he wants his cake and eat it too, which is Why you are "supposed to go to his house to help mom with a cake."
    The choice is up to you. If you want to grant him his wish, and see where this whole "party" winds up, it's totally up to you. Staying friends, or even starting Out as friends, is very healthy in any relationship. It gives two people a chance to nourish and nurse this as they get to know one another, and when ready, possibly take it to the Next Level.
    Although you may feel that you have stepped down a notch to "friends with or without benefits" even, depending on how you feel about him And his family, will determine how you want to handle the rest of your time and whatever relationship you have with him now.
    Nothing in life is a guarantee but death and taxes, so there is no way of knowing if things would go ever back to the other way again, so you would need to do some serious soul searching as to what button to push from this point on.
    Good luck.xx


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  • Hi Hun,

    I'm sorry that he broke up with you and everything but I must be blunt with my answer. I was exactly in your position about 5 months ago and we are only friends now. And like you, I hadn't felt all that upset about it either. The odds of getting back together are very slim if neither of you were crying over it then, no, you probably won't. Sorry Hun

  • Oh that's bad he did it over a text and didn't have courage to say it to you... If he sees you more as friends don't hope to much that you are getting back together anymore. Seems like he doesn't have enough feelings towards you (he can still like you as you like your friends) anymore then and you should't go over his house to help his mom, he can explain it to her.

    Of course I can be wrong but in my opnion just try to move on and get over him. And those are questions you should probably ask from him if you want to know the right answers..


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