He says that he needs space because I am pushing him away. How do I stop and win him back?

Me and my ex have been on and off again for a while.
We always start dating again and then stop because I try and push the relationship aspect too fast.
We are "off" right now and he has gone home for 2 weeks of holidays.

He said that "I push him away so much" because of everything that I keep bringing up.
I asked if I stop then will I not push him away. He said "Yes! I need space".

I have realised my issues and am trying to work on being the fun and relaxed person I am when we are in our happy moments.
I am also not contacting him.
I'm afraid he will miss me.

I love him to bits and despite our issues we are so comfortable and happy with each other and I really really want this to work again. How can I get him back and give him space at the same time?


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  • Listen to what he says - he needs space, give him space. He'll come back when he's ready, and not before then.


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  • It means he doesn't want a relationship.

    If you are in love with him then you need to get over it because he's not going to have the same feelings for you in the near future.

    Sorry, but it's the truth.


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  • dont pressure him, let him come to you. let it just happen as it comes.


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