Do you think cheaters get themselves into their own cheating scenarios intentionally?

When people cheat, do you feel they've set the whole situation up in their head mentally before it has happened?


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  • I think it depends who you ask, but I would say yes. I think most people plan it out in their head before doing it. example who, when and where. I also think most men/women don't want to get caught and I think its something you don't share with anyone else even your closest friends. I think the cheater has it planned out like they are a FBI agent unless they don't care if they get caught. I think part of the excitement of cheating is the planning and not always the actual cheating it self. I think most people don't admit to cheating unless they just can't live with them selves anymore.


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  • Yes. If a person has that value system, it figures.


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  • Guess some factors vary on the context (i.e. a one time fling vs. a whole affair, where the first one is more like a "heat of the moment" thing while the other means you're actively hiding a second relationship).

    However, no matter how it goes, they all at some point knew what they were getting into and allowed it. Cheating is cheating, no matter how you put it!

  • yep! i mean.. you dont just accidentally smash lips with someone or accidentally fall onto someone's penis ya know

  • I think SOME cheaters do, absolutely.
    Some people TRY to cheat, they pursue it, they "hunt", so to speak.
    But other times, people just end up liking people they're forced to be around (coworkers, family friends, etc.).


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