Ex girlfriend dumped me, now misses talking to me?

This girl that i dated for a month broke up with me a little over a week ago. We went really fast and had a great time, but out of the blue she sat me down and said "You're a really great boyfriend, but i don't see a future with you".

I was shocked! But seeing as how we only dated for a month, I didn't take it too badly. I had my doubts about us too (on compatability) and I'm normally closed off emotionally--have been since my last breakup years ago. I, however, decided to open up and give it a shot with her. Therefore, once she broke the news, it just confirmed those doubts and relieved me a little.

But a breakup's a breakup, and I'll admit I was a little miffed being on the dumpee end so I immediately went no contact. I later heard through some mutual friends that she was asking about me, wondering how I am, etc.

I recently just receieved a text from her saying she misses talking to me and wondering how i am. While i'm happy to hear from her, i'm almost pissed that she felt the need to text me so soon after the breakup. We were merely acquaintances before we dated so there's no need to pretend we were once happy go lucky friends. So why the text?

Any insight on or experience with this?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Maybe she is trying to salvage some type of friendship with you. If you don't want to speak to her, then dont. You're not obligated to.


What Guys Said 1

  • Yeah. Obvious answer here... Don't keep in touch with her. You two are no longer boyfriend and girlfriend so there is no reason to hold onto baggage.

    Its really up to you wether you want to be friends. If it doesn't bother you at all. But honestly I wouldn't waste my time. She is probably just trying to get some conformation that you miss her.

    • My gut is telling me this, thanks for your input

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