Should I tell the other girl that he's cheating?

I've been dating this guy for about 2 months now. I've been a little suspicious of him lately so I did some digging. Ever since we started dating, I haven't been able to find him on instagram even though he told me he has one, so I logged in with a different account and found him right off the bat. Which means he had me blocked I guess. I looked through his pictures and there was a picture of him with someone he referred to as his girlfriend taken a week after he told me he liked me and asked me out. Then I looked into the pictures he's tagged in and found out he's been dating another girl for at least a month if not more.

It made me sick looking at this stuff. He's lying to both of us. It's just that his relationship with her is public apparently.

I'm going to meet with him tomorrow and casually ask how his girlfriend is doing and then I'm going to tell him to go f*ck himself. But I've never been in this situation, so should I tell the other girl?


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  • I am with you. Go a head!


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  • tell the other girl first, tell her to look through his phone when he's not in the room and send her some evidence like screenshots of him saying romantic things to prove it otherwise he might go right to her and deny everything, delete everything in his phone of you and say you're lying to break them up. then you can tell him to fuck off lol


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  • Send his gf proof, tie him up and take a selfie near him. Send those selfies. Maybe it will go all over the Internet


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