My ex gf is acting weird. Why?

My ex gf and I broke up one month ago. We were together for 7 months and one month long distance. I don't know who was the one who broke up, but I was the one who left her place angry, we didn't discuss about it.

The last two weeks we have been texting, and talking about calling each other. In the texts she is always telling me her schedule in order to call her because she has different schedules every day. She answer in a nice way, and although we are not talking romantically there's some nice vibe between us. But everytime I call her she doesn't answer and gives excuses that I know that are lies (I'm sure, I have checked them). But when she calls me is at times she knows I'm going to be busy. Everytime we speak she reschedule for the next day, so I don't think she doesn't want us to talk. What is going on here?


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  • Honestly it sounds like she's trying to keep you hanging with the "dangling carrot" technique. Talking requires more than texting and if the convo goes awkward it's pretty obvious to both people. At that point you could say, why am I talking to her anyway? This is pointless if we can't even carry on a conversation. I think that's the part she might be trying to avoid but wants to keep you interested enough. It would be helpful to know who initiated the break and what it was over

  • That's very odd. Why don't you confront her? It seems to me as if she was bored or didn't know what she wanted.

    I don't believe it is worth to stay in touch with an ex, especially a couple of weeks after the break-up. If you want to get her back, that's different, but if I were you I would just stop being in contact with her for a couple of days and see if she cares at all.


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