Broke down and emailed my ex girlfriend then stopped myself and apologized then she called why didn't she just ignore me?

going to make this short my ex broke up with me after an argument asking for space to figure if she loves me. After I broke down and did everything you can do wrong after a breakup for a month. She seemed to be with someone and when I went to get my belongings the new guy was at the house so I went into a jealous rage and said some hurtful things. She text me saying that she is not with him and is just friends also saying she doesn't want to be with anyone. But i know she is with him cuz she will call me in his phone.So I just let it go then a month of no contact I broke down and emailed her saying I missed her and want her back. Then later that day I realized I did something I was working so hard not to do so I emailed her saying that I am sorry i did what I did and that I need to stop myself before I become what I didn't want to be and corrected myself. Later that I night I get a call from her telling me to stop emailing her I'm guessing she didn't read the last messages I sent so I said I understand and hanged up. I feel like I handled it well and I'm going to keep doing the right thing from now on. I just want to know why didn't she just simply ignore me instead of taking the time to call me?


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  • Maybe she just wanted you to get the message by hearing her voice so you will KNOW she means it.


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  • You'll never get a great answer to this. We can assume a lot, but in the end it is what it is. The friend you ran into is probably a guy she is thinking of getting together with or already has. So this is a great time to start blocking her from your life before pic's of them start blasting on those social media's.

    Trust me she'll contact you when she feels when she's ready, but I think when couples go on break for any reason its just unfair (Well if its just one sided).

    • Forgot to mention the fight broke out because for a month she became distant and I became negative cuz the fact that she told me she missed her ex which I understood they were together for 3 years. But it started bothering me the more frequent it happend I felt like i was fighting a war in my head and on that night it just burst out all at once. So another question is why miss your ex tell me you still have feelings for me and care and then move on to someone who has nothing to do with any of this

    • She probably feels bad about the break up and thinks you guys could work on things as friends while she dates this other guy. It happens all the time. I advise going on with this tho cuz it will drive you crazy hearing her talk about her new boy toy. Just forget her, cuz this does nothing but scream future pain.

    • I mean I don't want to jump to conclusions I want to believe she was telling the truth about this guy and he is just a friend. But why call from a friends PARENTS house at 11:30 at night when I messaged her 2 days ago. lol I had to point I'm guessing he still lives with mommy and daddy. I'm at the point where I still miss her I do want her back but I don't need her. And if she ever wants to get back I want her to prove it I proved my worth. So it's on my terms if she wants to make this work its my choice not hers

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