Taking things slow with my ex. Bad or good idea?

Was friends with this guy for over 13 years, we tried dating for a few months and I kept freaking out and breaking it off with him,(he has a lot of female friends and I was becoming insecure about it, I've gotten use to it now though and apologized to him and them for my behavior) trying to save our friendship before it was too late. Tried to do no contact, he kept reaching out to me even when he had a girlfriend (reached out to tell me he had a gf When I hated him). A year later I'm still in love with him. He told me he wants to start fresh, no sex, just be like we were before then see where it goes. He asked me to the movies I declined and a few days later he asked me to go bike riding (were both into fitness). I want to go but I have a small feeling I'm setting myself up to get hurt again. I can't tell if he's just trying to be my friend or if he genuinely wants to see if we could be together again. Anyone ever been in this position? We have all the same friends so I can't really goto anyone about this. Thanks in advance for the advice.


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  • Relationships start out as friends but either way you can speed the process up by hanging out with him more you hanging out with him more and listening to him and being there for him will make you guys closer i would take every opportunity you get to hang out with him do it because its that one step closer into being more every step you guys take is a great way to learn more about each other and each others life don't feel insecure because he's asking you out on dates or outings and no one else so that just shows he willing and wanting to take time out to spend with you.

    • Thanks, I went bike riding with him and I'm a little upset because it just seemed like we were friends, no chemistry. I understand we weren't going to be making out and stuff, but even the conversation seemed to be like I was talking to him like a friend. I feel kind of stuck.

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  • Just take things slow and see where things go.


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