How do I get over a ex boyfriend?

I went out with this guy for 4 years in high school. We were engaged for 9 months and I fell pregnant twice through that relationship.

We were going strong and it felt like this was it for me, that he was the one for me. But on our last year of being together things started to get werid between us & I started to get suspicious about a girl (who was one of my best friends at the time) but I trust him that nothing was going on. Later on that year he and I ended our relationship & I was heart-broken. I swear I didn't do anything wrong , I did not cheat , not lie or do anything stupid. I trusted him & he trusted me.

So my brother came to the school and tried to beat my ex boyfriend up but never succeeded because I past out and was rushed to hospital & then findind out that I was pregnant ( this was the 2nd time).

He found out the next day but never did anything or even said anything. Then 3 days after our break up he started going out with my so called friend.

I lost the baby in the end but I still think i love him , I just don't think I'm "in" love with him. What do I do to get over him? Was it because I was a bad girlfriend?
PS. I graduated last year.


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  • Wow... wow... I would say chocolate and booze if it was just a normal break up but just wow. You should just know that time heals all wounds. Also to facilitate getting over anyone I watch 500 Days of summer. But that is one crazy situation. You should just open your eyes and remind your self that he is a fucking dick , and its not your fault

    • I think I will take up your offer and watch 500 days of summer while eating chocolate & booze ! Yeah I didn't know what to do so I needed some serious help. Thank yo so much I realised now that its not my fault :)

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    • No worries !

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  • WHY? Why would you date this guy the entirety of high school? Those were supposed to be the best years of your life.

    • Cause when your in a relationship like that you don't think about high as much , but I only had 2 years in high school to make up for all that I missed out ! And being the single girl for abit was awesome in high school

  • Have sex with me, you'll forget all about him instantly. Promise. ;)


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  • You just said that you didn't do anything bad to him, so how can you be at fault? Anyway, time will help you heal from the situation. You will fond someone else to be IN LOVE with.


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