Major commitment issues.. justified? How do I get over them?

About a year ago I was with a guy, he was practically my first everything including first sexual experience. We started as friends and then things grew deeper than I could imagine. At the time I thought I loved him but the feeling wasn't reciprocated.. people thought it was crazy bc I'm a very good looking girl but went into severe depression because of this, I used to drink to the point where I blacked out almost every night just to cope. I was heart broken.

To get over him ,, I moved. states.. I was still heart broken but it was so hard for me to be healthy and not drinking and doing drugs where I was so I moved spontaneously - when I was 19. It took me about 6 months to fully get over him but now I can say I did and when I look back I'm not sure if I loved him,, I feel like I'll have to experience love ( again ) to know if that was what it was.

I eventually made a bigger move to the city I always dreamed of living in, when I did this he found out and tried to enter my life again.. as if to say he was proud of me and blah blah blah , Recently not only am I living in this city but I've become a pretty successful model and actress and he has made an effort to make himself noticed.. These things upset me so much , not because I still care but bc he thinks he can hurt me and enter in my life again.. the worst fight I can remember he told me I should kill myself , I don't understand how someone can tell you that and try to enter your life again.

Now I have a guy who I care about deeply but I notice the more I care about him the more I want to never talk to him again because I'm so afraid to go back to the heart broken place I've been. TERRIFIED, I use to wake up and cry and immediately start drinking, if not I had to take sleeping pills to make myself go back to sleep - I felt horrible and couldn't deal with life sober.

how do i approach this? do i let this guy go, (he's a doctor and has limited time and this bothers me ) or do i work through my issues


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  • If you don't think this guy is worth your time, then you should break up with him. But if you do think he's worth it, then maybe you should tell him about some of your issues. If he really cares about you he'll try to help you and be there for you.


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  • You're an actress? You a real life girl that moved out of the sticks after high school and made it in Hollywood? No way...

    How can you have these issues if you're so successful? I don't know . You seem the right age for college. Try that. Take the Psychology coursework. Maybe that'll help you understand yourself better.

  • Damn girl, you be overly attached. Work through your issues, of course - thoes won't fix themselves, and that's what you should be doing.


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