How do I reply to his mother's text?

My boyfriend told me he wanted to take a break from the relationship 2 days ago because he "liked me a lot, but saw us more as friends" . I went with it, because what else am I going to do? I haven't talked to him since he texted me that. However, his mom loves me, and texts me all the time. This morning she texted me and we were casually talking about random stuff and she brought him up and I tried to change the subject without being blunt about it, but I guess he didn't tell her because after I said whatever I did, she replied, "Lol... your bf is just lazy." If he didn't tell her, then I don't want to be the one to say it because she's not my mom and it's not my bisnuess. However, I don't want to look rude and not reply to her because she knows that I always have my phone with me and that I reply quick. Should I say something, and if so, what should I say?


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  • Just tell her what he said. Tell her as far as you know he said that you two are just friends. However just because it may not have worked out between you and him, doesn't mean you and her can't have a friendship.

  • You tell him to take care of things. It's his responsability to let his family now what goes on.
    Just text him. "your mom texted me, she said this: "your bf is lazy". Not cool. Take care of it or i will. Thanks"
    If his mom doesn't stop (meaning he didn't talk to her), you could reply "i love you, but your son decided to take a break, so we aren't bf-gf anymore, Have a nice day"

    I know some idiot left his girl in pieces. His mom actually saw her as "wife material", so one day she texts the girl that "you shouldn't have left my boy like that, i loved you and treated you like my own girl". Imagine that, after the guy cheated... Most likely his mom was unaware or he made up a different story to tell her.
    What i'm trying to say is some guys are just low class.


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