Trying to get over someone, then this happens...?

i was trying to get over someone and one day i find out she moved right across the street. I basically look out the window and know she's there. I run into her. So basically chances to meet are big.
I feel claustrophobic.
What to do know? I was avoiding the whole group thinking it will help me to completely cut contacts. Now she's here.
Is it going to take longer to get over her now?


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  • The exact same thing happened to me. The thing was, he only stayed for about 5 months so that helped a little, but of course I was still hung up on him afterward. What actually helped me was finding someone else. Not anything serious, but at least a good distraction and a reminder that there are other awesome people out there. Then when I would run into him, I was happy to see him but not desperate so it gave me a little closure.

    • it ended pretty bad, we didn't talk things up even if i asked her to, stopped talking, which helped me a bit, but kept eachother on Facebook. now this thing and it messes me up.
      What i don't get is.. SHE KNEW where i live. The exact day we met, she also posted some things on Facebook that seem "suspicious" (about feelings and stuff)
      I didn't talk to her, i just said hi and that's it :).
      Were you two talking when bumping into eachother?

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    • i think i'm going to tell her to move out. Seriously. Seen her with some other guy. I don't care. I left the group just to keep away from her and she moves across the street. It's crazy. I'm having panic attacks bc of this thing. How would that sound if i'd tell her i want her to move? She's renting from what i know. She didn't buy it. I HOPE SO ! Fuck me! It's a nightmare.

    • You can tell her to move, but think about it: moving is sort of a big deal. I guess if you told her she'd get the idea that you don't want her around and possibly keep away from you, but don't think she won't be angry or spiteful. Maybe the better thing to do would be to ignore it and find a distraction.

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  • When you're seeing her every now and then, I don't think you'll ever get over her.


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