Can I earn back my true love? Or should I prepare to have lost her?

It started roughly 4 years ago. I found my true love. A year and a half into the relationship I messed up big time and apparently she struggled with it since then. Well then I broke up with he because I wasn't sure and we kept acting like nothing was wrong for 6 months. I tried to ask her back out and she said no. But we still kept hanging out. Then she said she needs some space and that's where I am at. Apparently if I had proposed to her instead of asking her out she would have said yes. Now after all this time she needs space so she can see if she ever even wants to be around me. Is space going to help? Can I get her back? She isn't looking to date anyone for a while but can I end up back in her life? Every problem she had I am working on because I agree that I need to change my flaws and things she didn't like. Am I holding on to something that's gone already? She says that she hates making me sad and that she still cares about me. She just can't do it right now. She has no ideas about any timeline other than we meet in a month and see where we are. I know I need to give her the space but should I just be prepared to show up and her never want a relationship again or should I just keep my hopes up?


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  • Just talk to her about it and ask her for another try.

    • She doesn't know though.. at least that's what she says. That is why she needs space. She needs to heal. She doesn't feel like she can be around me without hurting right now.. It really sucks because I "realized my problems too late". Yet she doesn't know how she feels about anything.. Do I still have a shot?

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    • I hope so! I never want to screw anything up again.

    • Thanks hope it works for the 2 of you :)

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  • No chances are that you won't get her back because people move on. Sometimes when shit like that happens it is best to watch 500 days of Summer as it is a movie that helped me move on


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