Why does it bother me that he has a new girlfriend even though i dont like him anymore?

So my ex has a new girlfriend now and im a little bit jealous. I don't know why though because i dont like him like that anymore. Is it just tht he is my ex so its like natural or something?


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  • i think its natural i feel the same way about this girl i had liked and notice all her flaws now but i think its b/c we imagine they are everything we wanted them to be not what they actually are. personally i got over her by soaking in the attention from other girls. just go out and dress well and soak in the attention from other guys i'm sure you'll be over him as you meet new guys. worked for me. also talking to the first girl i ever liked helped me a lot. the one who makes everyone else look bad.

    • No like im over him i dont like like him anymore and we broke up like a year ago

    • no i thought that too i mean he's someone u ve cared about feelings dont really disappear. doesn't mean u like him. but because ur not with him u imagine alll the good moments and imagine him to be what he's not. he seems great to u when in reality he's an idiot who left u or u dumped or something

      doesn't matter if ur over him b/c u cared and probably haven't dated enough people yet to just completely forget about a past love

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  • Because he has already moved on by finding someone else and you're still alone. You feel like you're behind.

  • It's normal.


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