How do I win my ex girlfriend back when she found someone else? Please asnwer?

Ok so here's whats happening. she doesn't know that I know that she might have found someone else. I've told her I can change which I really can I can be better then I was before and I need to be. I have been asking for her back for a bit now and she has told me that she would consider it yet I kept bugging her so she told me this "phil I told you I would consider it but you bugging me about it is starting to piss me off. I responded with "im sorry I just don't want to lose you". what do I do to get her back? also she said that I have to prove myself for six months for her to consider it. what do I do? she's my babys mom and I love both her and my son to death. please tell me what I need to do?


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  • You need to prove urself to her show her that you care about her and how much you love her take it slow don't rush her or she might walk away just be paitent with her she will come around

    • how do I prove myself

    • By showing her how good of a dad you can be and that you have the patients to wait for her no matter how long it takes

    • OK well do you think this would be a good sing? Her and I left our son with her Dad I took her bowling and to an arcade she said she had fun. We were smiling and laughing a lot.

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  • Lmao dude... you need to cut ALL contact with her and stop being this desperate excuse of a man. Yes that's harsh, but it's 100 % the truth.

    It's a lot harder to get her back when she's found someone else... why don't you move on and chance for the better, for someone else.

    • easier said then done. she said I have to prove myself for six months and to just think of it as a big test. because she doesn't want me to be an amazing boyfriend for the first week then turn into an asshole. I just found out she didn't find anyone else

    • I had the same mentality when my ex dumped me, but now 6 months I've met a girl and I've finally gotten over her.

      You're mentally scaring yourself by wanting to get back with, what makes you think it'll be better this time round?

      Be a man, don't let this bitch step all over you and control you by saying "I'll consider it in 6 months" ... mate, she's going to be banging other men during that time... Move. On. Only then will she come crawling back.

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  • I've a more important question.

    What are you doing to be a good father to that baby? Are you aware of the calamitous effects not being a good parent can have?

    • what kind of question is that? im actually a really good father man. Im there for my kid I love my kid to death.

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    • Not completely. Wait for her to initiate contact. Show her you are a patient man. When she does initiate contact and you do go out, show her you are a good man and a good father. If she likes you, then she'll either come to you or show signs she's into you. If not, I'm afraid you can't force it.

    • She said that I have to wait 6 months So that way Im not just an amazing boyfriend for a week then turn into an asshole for the rest of the time

  • I'm not sure hmmm


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