How do I get over my ex!!! :(?

So we broke up a week ago and i just feel like shit. We had a Wobdrrful relationship he said he loved me said Iwas bbeautiful inside and out. The point to this is he helped me with my self esteem that ice always struggled with which is one thing I loved about him. He also helped me connect with god. When I was an athiest. He had many flaws to and I didn't care about any of them. We were in a relationship for just a couple months. And last week he just dumped me and said he just wsanted to be friends. Said I didn't do anything he just wanted to end it. I can't go anywhere now without thinking about him. And I was hanghinb out with my friends and they thought j was crazy causs I just burst out crying. Please help I feel like my world ended as dramatic as that sounds.


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  • Hush hush, give time to the time and let it settle.

    Learn to love yourself, your first mistake was letting him be the reason for your self steem to go up, get it up yourself and you'll be very happy and attract wonderful people.

    These feelings will pass, peace!


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