Ex Deleted me off snap chat and instagram?

I recently broke with my boyfriend about a week and half ago. I was only seeing him for about 3 months. Our break up was mostly mutual. He said he wanted to stay friends and i said i hope but i wasn't sure it was going to happen. He said "I don't know why not". I said I wanted to talk about it in person later.Ever since then I have not contacted him. He HAD been viewing my snap chat stories. I noticed he deleted me off snap chat and instagram today. Although he's still viewing my best friends snap chat stories. What does this mean? Is there any hope we can be friends in the far future? If he deleted me off all this stuff, did he delete my number out of his phone too? Everyone keeps saying he'll eventually contact me. Will he? This was both our first relationship.lol


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  • He wants nothing that'll remind him of you so he can get over you


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