Do i or do i not? any suggestions?

so me and my ex broke up a month ago and i was his longest relationship and we lived together..anyways i know him to the t and his friend passed away and today is his birthday so i know he's upset.. i have a gut feeling he still cares for and usually gut feelings are right he has a new girlfriend but i honestly and our mutual friends think he will end up trying to get back with me my question is should i message him? or wait till he comes to me i know he will put up a front and act like he dont want to hear from me or say he's okay but TRUST me i know him so what should i do


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  • Message him only if you want to. Messaging him would show him that at least you care and that you remember his birthday.And it also would show him that you care enough to give your condolances for his friend. If you do wait for him to come back to you, it may happen right away or take awhile.To be honest if it was me I wouldn't message him.I would just let him come to me.That's what I would do.

    • okay but if i do would it mess up him coming to me or make it faster

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    • so i did message him and then reminded him that he still had two important things of his here he didn't say thanks or anything he said okay and then to give the things so someone else to give to him.. any feed back?

    • Thanks for voting my answer as the most helpfull. From what he wrote you it would seem like to me that he is trying to avoid the confrontation of seeing you.That is why he would say to let somebody else give him his stuff.Their could be two possibilities.Either he is still thinking about you and the other reason could be he is trying his best to resist seeing you and avoid the personal confrontation.Maybe he is afraid his feelings will come back for you so he is trying to step a way and fall back for awhile.

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  • You should reach out to him and at least tell him happy birthday and let him know that you are sorry about his friend.


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