Is it my ex or my friend or either what to do?

I'm kinda of confuse a little. Why: well it's because of two guy's I like but unsure about both. The 1st one is my ex boyfriend we have a lot of history together are relationship was pretty good. But in ways I felt like he could have improve to be a better boyfriend then he was. We dated pretty much on and off ugh crazy I say crazy we were together for about 2months almost 3 yea lol not that long right. But we become close to each other and remain friend's afterwards. Either one of us wanted to end the relationship but he was tired of me saying that he was cheating when I found out he never did. And him and I ti'll this day still have feelings for each other rather if he says he don't or if I act as if I don't. But when we see each other at work on a day to day it gets awkward as ever but we are now starting to talk again more. And he's starting to get close to me again and I love that but I have these mixed emotions for him. And 2nd it's a guy I met actually before my ex. Me and this guy never dated he had a gf and plus I was seeing someone myself. We met at some training school/college type. But I never did have any romantic feelings for him like that until this year. Him and I talk more and flirt a lot it's been a minute since we seen each other he's in school and I'm working and plus he's bit of away. But anyways I get confuse with him because I don't know if he is still the player he once told me about or has he really change his ways. I mean lately if were on the phone of Facebook talking he tends to bring up sex and how hard he is and sex and sometimes we have nothing to talk about. So I don't call him or talk to him like that. But I feel bad in ways because he has been chasing me down trying calling me, txting me, Facebook, he's been doing a lor of running after me. But it's like when I do make time for him he's busy an says he's doing stuff. But I never really had those deep feelings for him and sometimes I don't trust what he says. But he sweet and nice?


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  • To be very honest. I think your friend just wants to try and hook up and have sex with you.I do think if you chose to date him and have sex with him that he would leave and act weird and funny.If he already is talking about sex and bringing it up on the phone then thta would let me believe that is all what he is lookng for.Getting back to your ex I feel something could be their.But I think it depends if you would want to go down that road again.I always felt an ex is an ex for reason.And that must be very hard to work around him.But at least you didn't leave off on bad terms and is on good talking terms.I don't know your friend just seems more playerish then the ex.But I could be wrong.Sometiems dating friends can mess up the friendship if things don't work out.


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