Pushing away guys because of my ex?

Every time I go on a date or hear a guy call me "babe" or "sweetie" it makes me sick to my stomach and I feel like crying. I push them away and never talk to them again. I feel so terrible about doing this. I pushed away several great guys and feel depressed that I feel so emotionally scarred from my ex. I don't know what to do. I feel unhuman like and pathetic):


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  • I understand how you feel. :)

    Most probably you've been hurt by your ex. He told you the most beautiful words in the world yet he didn't act upon those words. He treated you badly even though he told you much he cared, how much he loved you and thought you were the best thing that has ever happened to him. One day he's all lovey dovey yet the other day he's very emotionally abusive. He pretty much hurt you badly.

    Now, you link the sweet words to lies. You don't trust men, or people in general, like you used to. It's normal. You are wary of guys' intentions because of your ex. You feel like the next guy will hurt you like your ex did. Consequently, you push yourself away so as not to get hurt. Furthermore, you hate yourself for missing opportunities to be with lovely guys or you hate yourself for hurting them.

    I'll tell you this. Never trust anyone unless he proves to be trustworthy. You're right to not give your heart to just any guy. BUT open your heart for that only open hearts receive love. Don't expect much as expectations hurt. Take your time in knowing the guy before you actually decide that you now love him. Enjoy their company and all but take it slow. You're not inhumane nor pathetic. You're just a girl who have been burnt before. It's normal to keep up a wall to protect you.

    Go out there and let love find you. Good guys exist my dear. AND you will find a guy who will treat you like you deserve. Just keep your guards up, but give them a chance to love you.

    Hope this helps. :)


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