If a man's wife leaves him for a woman, how does it affect his ability to have another relationship?

I have a male friend who was married for 10 years. He and his wife divorced after she left him for a woman.

How might this affect his ability to be in a committed relationship in the future?

Is there a different impact when your spouse leaves you for someone of the same sex?


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  • It would be a lot easier to accept then if she left for another man. If she leaves for another man that is such a blow to the ego. First thought will always be that he has a larger penis. You will always second guess any other woman that comes along because how do you trust any woman after that.
    But leaving for another women...what are you going to do about that. Obviously penis size had nothing to do about it...
    It will still affect him, how could it not.
    but it will be easier


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