Why he is contacting me after breaking up?

My ex and I broke up almost a month. For the first couple of weeks we did contact each other a few times, he did the contacting mostly. After another week or so, I didn't bother contact him anymore, he called a few times to see if Im doing ok. we had a small talk, just like hi how are you doing? are you working a lot lately? After two days later, I signed in onto a game where I actually wanted to see if my other friends are online not him. He messaged me a minute after I logged in. He wanted to talk on the phone, but he said never mind after few seconds. During the break up he said he wanted to be friends in the future. Everytime when I talked to him, he always say "its nice to see you again" He is the dumper and we broke up because his feelings drifting away. He said I'm a great girlfriend and I didn't do anything wrong.

So Im kind of confused.
He contacted me so many times because...
He miss me and haven't move on?
Want to be friends ASAP?
Afraid to lose me? (because I don't really want to be friends)
Or what is it?


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  • Seems like he misses you and doesn't want to lose you for whatever reason. It's most likely not because he has feelings for you because he did break up with you because he wasn't feeling it anymore.
    If you don't want him to contact you and if you don't want to be his friend, just tell him that you need some space and some time for yourself. He should be able to respect that.


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