Why won't he leave me alone?

What does it mean when your ex won't leave you alone and they are dating someone else. Its not to check up on me. He claimed he was "so happy" yet he still feels the need to try to keep in touch, emailed me saying he is trying to take me out, and other random things that a taken person shouldn't be doing. He even called me on his birthday when he didn't hear from me.His number is blocked but I can see when he calls and I don't respond to his texts. I'm just confused as to why he won't leave me alone. He claimed to be happy. Any ideas?


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  • Well he still likes you. Highly inappropriate behavior not just because he has another partner but obviously also because you don't want contact with him. Or have you not told him so? If not then you need to tell him to back off.

    • Yeah, I've told him to leave me alone. Its annoying and its feels like harassment at times. I shouldn't have to block his number, he should just respect my wishes and not contact me.

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  • This is the best question, nicely worded, 10/10 did appreciate.

    Did you guys end on bad terms, good terms, no terms at all? Because hey may thing you guys are ok with one another and that's why he's doing friendly-ish things to you.

    OR he is telling you that he's happy with another girl to make you jealous and to show you that he's 'moved on' even if he hasn't.

    • Lol ugh, I hate when it says "the title is too short". I think in his mind we ended on something that wasn't that serious but it was explained that if said thing happened again, we would be over. So it probably is a combination of both things you listed. Thanks for answering.

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  • Your a bitch he still loves you, he's only dating her to prove to you he is worthy.

    • And you're a dumbass, its you're not your =). Oh, yeah that's a great way to prove you want someone but dating someone else. Cool.

  • Change your number and buy a new phone. He'll have no idea unless he's stalking you. If he's stalking you then take him to court and send him to jail. Ruin his life or just be indifferent while ignoring him your entire life.

  • He's trying to take you out? What did you mean?

    He could be just trying to analyze his past relationship, which is a mature thing to do.

    • We have analyzed things...I have asked him to leave me alone.

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    • Yes I have told him to stop and have stated that I don't want to talk.

    • get a restraining order or something?

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