Should a guy support his pregnant ex? If so, how?

I am almost five months pregnant. My ex left me while I was going through chemotherapy to date another woman. I'm all done with chemo & now im focused on getting & staying healthy for my baby.

It is a struggle sometimes, because im in this alone. I do not want to be with him, but I do expect him to support me throughout this pregnancy. I don't ask him for anything because he constantly throws up DNA test anytime I ask for something. Although we both know it's his, the woman he's currently dating took him through 9 months of pregnancy only to find out it wasn't his and she knew the whole time. So im fine with waiting until the baby gets here to do a test.I just feel like he should at least check on me, maybe go to a Dr appt, or just ask me if I need anything. I also feel like he should show emotional support. To make matters worse he expects me to make my son a Jr. I feel a Jr is suppose to live up to his fathers legacy, and honestly I pray that my son turns out to be nothing like him. Is it wrong for me to expect him to support me? Am I wrong for not making the baby a Jr?


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  • You are not wrong for expecting that. It takes two people to make a baby, he needs to step up and handle his business (which means supporting you through this pregnancy). It is his child too so he should be at the doctor's appointments and make sure you have everything you need to have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

    As for making the child a jr., it's understandable if you wouldn't want to name the child that. But of course, as I stated before, it's his child too which means he should also get some input into naming the baby. The child is both of yours which means it goes both ways. Naming the child jr. doesn't automatically mean the child will grow up to be exactly like your ex. That depends on how you raise the child and the morals and values you instill in him/her.

    • No I told him we could agree on another name. I just wasn't comfortable with naming r baby after him. Several of the juniors I know grew up to feel like they had to fulfill their fathers shoes, and live up to their standards. I know it really comes down to what you teach and instill in the child, but seeing that it will be two different influences, its kind of scary.

    • Yeah, I understand where you're coming from. If you don't want to name the baby that you don't have to. Your opinion matters too. I just meant that he should also have some input but like you said, I'm sure you both could find another name you can agree on.

    • Thank you for MH:)

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  • frankly, even a semi-decent friend would do those things, the fact that he doesn't want to do that for the mother of his child is disgusting. no, you're not wrong for not wanting to make the baby a jr.


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