Why does my ex keep asking me the same question over and over when he sees me at work?

Why dose my ex keep asking about if I got another job or not and say stuff like Oh I thought you was leaving. I mean we have talked about that a few month's ago and I did tell him about that I was applying to job and that I was going get something better and more pay. And he laughs and dau uh huh sure I'll believe it when I see it. But that was a long time back when we actually was talking. But now and day's ever since he got caught up with some new girl or someone from his past. He hasn't really been acting himself and I feel like she has something to do with it. Like I know the real him and he never care about rather or not if I was getting another job or not. So really what's going on here- dose he not want me there anymore or is it because of this other person. And also: there are time's when I'm alone he will actually talk to me or if it is few people around. He is starting to notice me more like coming to me and talking a bit more. But it's like when he dose he always tend to ask me about some other job and when am I leaving. This is not the guy I know or met and his behavior is not cutting it for me. Like some days he'll talk to me longer and other times he's distance and other tims he may not say much at all. So what's his deal and problem he has with me or other? Thanks. Him And I use to be better then that now I don't know what is wrong with him. I miss him dearly: but all these moods and questions are pissing me off. :(


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  • I hate when people do that ask other people about there job stuff that's no ones business at all as long as the person can support them self and taking care of there business I don't see the point of getting involved with there money or job or whole employment history ridiculous and I think he's met a girl whose sounds like she is very high standards or no sounds like she has high expectations for him and wants him to be doing more with his life she could be asking him for so much or to do so much overwhelming him with a lot I think the times he's not stress he wants to talk and the times he's okay but the times he going threw a lot especially with her he shuts down and probably doesn't at all feel god enough I think he wants to brag about how far he has come from the last time you guys were together I guess he wants you to think everything in his life is going great when its not and this girl could be bringing him down instead of supporting him and being there for him I think he misses you because I feel if you were in a good place he would miss you too and be jealous wondering if anyones in your life he's probably distant because the girl he is with is probably not a good girlfriend to me she seems to be putting him more down especially if he's distant and one day talking to you a lot and less the next day and then not at all to me he might feel like as thow he's not at all good enough to do anything right he's trying to lower yourself esteem because his new girlfriend Is doing that to him and probably so is his parents

    • Yea he says he and her broken up. Him and I are talking a bit more. But he is still a bit distance. So I don't know and really idc. That was like a couple weeks ago and I do feel that his now ex had something to do with it. I know the real him.. he tends to let people get in his head and don't even listen to his own advice. And his family/mom she never really liked me.. so she could have been saying things to him. He's really not that smart lol I don't know y I date him lol. And thank u

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    • And happy late Easter to u as well. And I will tell u all about it

    • yay :) hope you had a good day today :)

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