I blocked his calls but now I'm tempted to reach out... Help me?

I've been trying to break up with my BF of four months for a couple of weeks now. It's hard because he doesn't want to break up so I end up back in the same position. All he does is lie, I believe he's cheating (even though I don't have proof), and I just don't trust him. I feel like I'm so in love but I don't think he feels the same. No matter what I say and do, he doesn't change his ways. I'm hurting bad and want the pain to stop. Today I blocked him so that I am not able to receive any messages or phone calls from him. It's only been a few hours and I'm already tempted to unblock him just to see if he's thinking of me. I'm tryin my hardest not to but I need help. Any ideas on what to do and how to keep my mind off of him.


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  • Talk with your girlfriends, family anyone, get them to help you stay strong - look at quotes about moving on and letting go...anything right now that helps you - go to a movie theater - you have to have your phone off there anyway...leave your phone in your car out of sight, out of mind...it takes time and strength but you can do it if breaking things off is what you really want. It's hard, beyond hard but with every hour it can get easier. Get an app that counts the time since you last talked, that can help to see that over time its been a certain number of hours and eventually days. Good luck!


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  • How can you accuse him of cheating if you don't have concrete proof?

    • Girls who knew him told me things but he claims they're lying. I made a fake text messaging app and acted like an old friend. He fell for it and I busted him out on it. Besides those things that's all the proof I have. I'm always at work doin can't catch him. But honestly I have a gut feeling and that's all I need.

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    • Well, he sounds like a detached sort of person. And this would have been the reason why his past relationships would've failed. I think you should leave him. This looks like a classic case of one sided emotional investment. Just leave him and keep yourself busy. Slowly, you'll begin to forget about him.

    • Thanks!!

  • Get a nice guy but bet you dont want that

    • Trust me, if I can find one, I'll be more than happy to keep him.

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