Do some want their ex around as friend just to prove themselves the ex is no good anyway?

My ex keeps saying and insists on staying friends. I don't care honestly, but she keeps using this word: "friends".
Yet she acts seriously bitter and nothing i do is good. Always criticizes me and puts me down. Over reacting most of times.
It's like she's trying to prove to herself i'm no good anyway.


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  • Your ex is trying to prove that she is the bigger and better person and that she is mature and was the responsible one in the old relationship. But the question is; to whom?
    When does she act that way? In front of whom?

    • in front of the group we both hang with. ANYTHING i say, it's almost certain, will be criticized by her. If i say we should go eat at some place, "NO it's not good, we shouldn't go there". If i say we need to go at a certain hour, "NO! you go at that hour, if you want to".
      If i walk to fast "why are you walking so fast, aren't you part of this group"
      If i'm walking too slow, "we'll be late!"
      A friend offered me a slice of his pizza and politely said no and i explained myself why... she jumps in and says i'm picky and i never like anything. Yells, scoulds and has tantrums. It's like she's at war with me. It's not protective at all. I been there. Nothing like that.
      Mature, with this behavior? Sorry, but she's an idiot.

    • That's the point. She's trying to drive that group of friends away from u because I think she is hurting from u, so she wants to show that you are dumb and the bad one in the relationship. Just confront her about this ALONE. And remember if she starts yelling just lower your voice :p

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