Guys would you rush back into the dating scene so very quickly after you and your ex girlfriend just broke up?

I'm asking cause if girls just broke up with her boyfriend and especially if she divorce her husband, she would want time living as a single person before finding a new man in her life, but can it also be the other way around sometimes for guys?


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  • When I broke up with my first girlfriend I actually think she had a new boyfriend the very next day. I don't know 100% though but she also had plenty of guys after her for sex 24/7.

    But after my last relationship I put my dating profile back up that night. I was already mentally over the breakup and it was really just a matter of time until I had to say it was over.


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  • Yes. The faster you get out there, the better.

    • I think that's a bad idea, you need time to yourself.

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