My boyfriend is divorced, is this normal behavior for a divorcee?

I have been dating my boyfriend for a few months now and things are going good for the most part. Three years ago he got married and six months into the relationship she left him (seemingly for another man) and filed for divorce. The divorce took three years to finalize and a few weeks after it was official; my boyfriend met me and we started dating. He has met my family and they all love him; but he won't mention me to any of his family members, simply saying that he is afraid they will judge him for dating so soon. This seemed odd to me. Then we went out on a date the other night and his ex wife was at the restaurant we were at. My boyfriend asked if we could leave and I had no problem with that; so we went somewhere else. He was very moody during dinner and I wasn't sure if I should give him space or talk to him; I opted to stay quiet. This upset him immensely; and he said he wanted me to distract him from his bad mood. The next day he didn't want to see or talk to me at all; and I felt really bad. The day after that, I had exciting news about work that I wanted to share with him and he said he just wanted to be antisocial. I wanted him to be there for me and had to practically beg him to come over and hear my news. He ended up agreeing and coming over. He picked me up and we started talking about my news and afterwards I apologized for not being there for him the other night. He said it was ok and that it just made him wonder if he is ready for a relationship. I got really quiet and figured he was breaking up with me. He told me that he didn't want to break up; but that he has things he needs to work on with his demons and that I need to work on my own. (my self esteem) he said that we will work on our issues separately but support eachother and still be a couple. Today I saw him and he was the happiest I've seen him and we had a great day together. Though I'm not complaining; it made me wonder if his behavior and insecurities are normal or if I'm overreacting.


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  • nope you did everything right no one likes talking about there divorce the time in your life where your not going to wanna talk or explain all the details or even wanna be bothered he was probably really depressed in his last relationship and down about the divorce im glad you didn't talk to him more about him seeing his ex wife at dinner i would stay out of that area because that has nothing to do with you guys and your guys relationship and your guys relationship should be focused on you and him and not his ex wife he's right on his part to not wanna have anything to do with her so i wouldn't bring up things about his past relationship because he's trying to move past that and develop a future with you and thats what you want to don't allow his exs to come in between your guys relationship because thats his past you wanna help him keep him in the right direction keep him focused on now and not so much on his future or past spend a lot of time be supportive and listen to him and be there as much as you can he's trying to work on himself so he can be able to go some place and even when he sees her not give a care to let it ruin or come in between the fun time he is having or allow it to bring him down especially when he's having a good day


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