He ended the affair, now what? I'm stuck?

Back around Valentine's day i met this guy and we started off great. We had both got out of bad relationships and we was going to get serious. But then he had told me a couple weeks after that he still in love with his babymama. They were in a relationship for a year and she's also pregnant as well. He had told me that he was trying to move forward from the relationship and move on being that they didn't work out but he saw it was hard for him to do that. (They were engaged but called it off and they were on and off) A week later i found out they got back together and now they live together. His reasoning was he wasn't able to give me a relationship if he's still in love with her. So, For the past 3 months me and him was still seeing each other and hooking up. I know it was wrong on both parties but i still did it anyway. (temptation is a ******)

Everything was going smooth until last night he had texted me "To be honest, lately I've been trying to get my life right and what were doing is wrong and i don't want too do this anymore". I got kinda upset because i caught feelings and he knew i liked him. In a way I'm being selfish because i want what i can't have, i want what we used to have and I'm not even thinking about his pregnant girlfriend smh. He even told me that we can't talk anymore or associate with each other. I'm SO hurt! and i know i put myself in this predicament. He told me if i say anything to her he's going to expose my pictures to everyone. I don't like how he's pointing fingers at me like it's my fault. It takes 2 to tango and mess around. Epecially since most the time HE would contact ME to have sex. I really liked him and i don't know how to let go. Opinions?


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  • Simple. Accept the pain of the loss, and every time you feel it, remind yourself that this is the EXPECTED result when you have an affair with someone who is already taken. I get that you didn't know at the beginning, but the minute you found out, you should have ended it, and you know it.

    The pain and loss is the result, so bear it until you are able to move on and make smarter choices in the future.

  • try and get busy so you don't think as much.


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