His ex still likes his pictures on social media, should I be worried?

They recently broke up and they still have each other on social media, they're families are quite close friends so of course I don't expect him to never speak to her again.
They still like each other's Facebook or Instagram posts, is that weird or am I just being crazy and paranoid?


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  • How recent is recent? Are we talking a couple of weeks? A month?

    You should be slightly concerned. Does he talk about her a lot?

    • a few weeks

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    • thank you :)

    • Most helpful maybe? :)

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  • I believe that if you break up with someone; you are done. There is no more communication needed between you two; unless there are children involved

    • Yeah, so basically if communication is still there, there are still residual involved.

    • Its a possibility, just cut all ties. There is no point

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