No contact for ex (how long should I?)?

I really don't feel like going into all the details (too much to write) but my ex said some very hurtful things to me in my quest to get her back and told me to go away in the process and to leave her alone.

I've been going no contact since (3 days). She called the first day of NC and I ignored. Then she proceeded to text that she have a question, I responded with a simple question mark and she didn't respond. Another day went by and she called me today before work and once again I ignored. How long should I go no contact or should I contact her?

I really don't have anything to say to her after all she said to me.


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  • Why are you playing games, if you want to talk to her; just do it

    • If you don't have anything to say, tell her you are done and to stop texting and calling you. She said hurtful things to you and you can't , be with someone, who hurts the person they are with.

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    • Exactly. Stick to your guns, and just remember you deserve better

    • I will and thanks for reading and replying. It sucks because she has all the potential in the world and yes, I'm only 22 but I think I'm ready to settle down and work on my forever.

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