Broke up with my boyfriend last week, when should i ask him to get my/his stuff back?

I broke up with my boyfriend of 4 months last week due to his personal issues, he said he still missed his ex and didn't want to have any relationship with anyone at that moment till he clears his mind (which i think is a total BS). It's a sad break up, he hugged me before he left and i couldn't stop crying. Since then, we didn't contact with each other for 8 days already.
I want to get my fav dress back and some of his clothes are still left at my place, but i know it's not an right time and it's just an excuse of seeing him again in which i don't want to.
I am flying back to my hometown this Fri, so i am thinking should i meet him up before Easter so we both can have a clear cut? Otherwise i won't get to see him till June. I need advice.


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  • it sounds like a definitive ending, so yes, get the stuff exchanged before one of you loses track of it, before you leave town.
    Doing this will also put to rest any illusions you or he might have about the break being temporary, right?


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  • You dated the guy for 4 months, not for years. Just buck up and ask him to meet to swap items. It's really not that big of a deal so don't make it one and you'll both be fine.


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