His in office cheating thing!!?

3 weeks ago I found texts between my live in boyfriend of 4 years and a women who works in his office.
This isn't the first time he was having a "text flirtation" the worst part is that he bad mouths me, instead of just not saying anything about me he say that I'm mean and that he can't wait to leave me etc.
So I confronted him about the texts and he says that this thing just happened that morning and nothing happened it was going on for a day...A week later I decided to check his work phone that he keeps in his work car.
That phone also had a bunch of texts even dirtier then the last ones.
I woke him up and couldn't stop shouting, he then told me it had been going on for a month but again nothing physical had or occurred even though he had planned to help her move out of her apartment behind my back.
I called her up botched her out because she knew that he wasn't single in fact this skank has hit on my father (also works there) I let her have it.
My boyfriends excuse was that she was nice to him and his self esteem was none existent blah blah blah.
I love him but this is the only thing on my mind now whenever he goes to work I don't know how to forgive him or how he can gain my trust.


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  • It doesn't look good from here, he sounds like he's not that into it, he continuously flirts with another women over text even after being confronted about it, he even goes so far as to talk bad about you his girlfriend of 4 years to the girl he's flirting with, as well as telling her he's getting ready to leave you, it sounds like he wants something else other then you, something your not giving him, what it is i don't know it all depends on if he wants to make it work like you do, if he does he will make the effort if not your better off without him anyway.


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  • Kick his ass out. You have been disrespected enough already and for as much as you might love him, he will continue to do this. The other girl can be a filthy skank, but if your boyfriend had any respect for you and for what you have, he would have told her off in a blink once her intentions were known. If you let this pass, shame on you for the next time you find out something like this. If he can't wait to leave you, show him the damn door because no girl that respects herself will forgive that asshole.

    Sorry, this case upsets me.


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  • the problem I see is that you don't place blame on the party at fault. if this girl flirts with guys that's obviously not a good thing but it takes two to tango and your bf is the dope who has made a commitment which he is breaking. the "skank" at work has made no commitment to you.

    dump your bf. It seems to me that he wants someone to stroke his insecure ego and that is something that will be problematic until he addresses his own self-esteem issues

  • DUMP HIM. he doesn't deserve you!


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