So to sum it up, he broke up with me but keeps giving me hope we'll get back together...?

We broke up about 2 months ago after dating for a year and a half. I gave him space even though im still crazy about him and now he's dating a girl who I always felt like I was in competition with in our relationship. here's the catch. He tells me all of them time that he still has feelings for me and he misses me and all that great stuff but he won't break up with her. but he keeps giving me all of this hope and I keep falling for it :( I know I should move on but I love him and can't .. Why is he doing this?


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  • Oh yeah, you gotta move on. Cut off all contact. Don't text him, delete him on FB, don't take his calls or listen to his voicemails, etc., etc.

    He could be doing it for a variety of reasons. All I know is that if he truly wanted to be with you, then he would be. My guess is that he just likes the idea of keeping you around as a backup. That's just a guess on my part, but it seems likely.


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  • Seeing that he has a girlfriend and hasn't broken up with her, he's stringing you along. He's telling you those things to keep you there as an option in case he ever wants or needs you for anything.


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  • I went through the same thing with my ex and in the end I found out he was only telling me those things because he knew I still loved him and that was his way of for lack of a better phrase "keeping me on a leash" and when he broke up with the girl about a year in a half later he messaged me basically saying I want you back. And sadly I feel for it just from him to toss me aside :( but I think it's shady/weird that he's with a girl you had problems with when you guys were dating also that he's saying this when he's with someone else. It kinda makes you think what if he did this if he was with you. But I think you should ask him why is he saying this? What does he want from it? Ask him


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